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Lecrae is on Fuego
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Lecrae Fuego feat KB & Suzy Rock

Lecrae Fuego free mp3 download

If you have been wondering what took the radio by storm on September 4th, it’s Lecrae’s album drop, Gravity.  Lecrae has taken 3/10 spots in the top 10.  What’s even crazier, is that he’s an evangelical Christian rapper.  This has never ben done for a rapper like this.  His lyrics aren’t about sex and drugs, but truths, and saving people.  It doesn’t sound soft, but is lyrically.  Gravity was released by Reach Records, which is an indie label which Lecrae owns.  The song below, Feugo, demonstrates perfectly his incredible talent.  Look at some of the lyrics and see what I mean in Lecrae’s “Fuego”…

Fun fact:  Lecrae now lives in Atlanta with his wife and three kids.  (originally from Houston)


I’m all in preach Jesus til I’m short winded
Come gossip pouring up living water and lyrics
This ain’t rap this bartending
And I’m back in the back snap back to the back
With a pack full of cats that’ll strap with the fact
Christ when he ask to revive in the tracks
Turn they’re life into maps with the gospel we pack
Look I’m of one life but for Him I spend every cent though
I know this life it comes with pain
But it’s through our pane (pain) we window (win though)
Could be made like Him so treat these streets like flint bro
Cause our God can spark up the dark
In the hearts of the hardest departed let’s go

Treat every night like it’s the last night
Like it’s the last time you get no other chances
Get your torches high let’s set ablaze the sky
Passion’s a fire bright and we’ll be burning forever
Set the world on fire let’s set the world on fire (4x)

If you liked it enough to get a free Lecrae Fuego download please click this link and thank them for their hard work the HumanFankind way. Thank you, and enjoy!



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