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Rising Artist of the Day: Devin Farney
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Devin Farney Music Cover

Today’s ‘Rising Artist of the Day’ is Devin Farney, who comes to us from San Francisco.  Farney is a composer/songwriter with a sophisticated and eccentric flare. “As a 2-degree-holding composer he (and his music) have been part of national and international music festivals, and his music has stacked up a few notable awards and recognitions.  Devin is currently the staff composer at Brilliant Ideas LLC (an ad agency). He is also the keyboardist for the popular band “The Love Dimension.” As a songwriter he is recognized as having a knack that is at once uniquely eccentric yet personal. He draws influence from a ridiculous array of artists, and his music shows a keen sensitivity for melodic and harmonic appeal.

His freshly released project “Magnum Passion” is already being hailed as sophisticated, witty, and highly original.  It conveys a huge array of influences ranging from A to Zappa. Fans of Animal Collective and the Dirty Projectors will relish in the thick simultaneous hi/low-fi folksy-electric textures. There are traces of vocal stylings a la The Flaming Lips, rhythmic complexity a la Radiohead, and even classical gestures a la prog. With Magnum Passion Devin Farney has found a way to reconcile his thirst for musical experimentation and innovation with his desire to maintain a melodic foundation.”

One song off of “Magnum Passion” that I’d like to showcase is “Dry Rain”. (Listen below)  The song has a sort of psycodelic melody with Beatles-esk vocals gently playing over it.  There’s no doubt that Devin Farney is a very talented songwriter and musician and only time will tell what happens with his career, but my guesses are sky high.


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