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Rising Artist of the Day: Reggie VaShaun
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Reggie VaShaun


Today’s ‘Rising Artist of the Day’ is Reggie VaShaun, a rapper born and raised in Waukegan, Illinois.  Reggie began rapping at 16 as a way to express himself and to get away from the troubles that surrounded him.  Jay-Z’s  ”Let It Breathe” beat was the first song he every wrote to. Reggie soon started taking rap serious after being denied a feature he wanted from a local neighborhood rapper. That let down inspired him to make his first mix-tape at the age of 19 called “Love Me Now Hate Me Later”. “Love Me Now Hate Me Later” was a introduction mixtape and its ultimate goal was to prove that he could not only rap, but he could also hang with the local talent. While attending college he finished and dropped his second mix-tape “Show And Prove” – consisting of 19 tracks that was been recently sponsored by and is up for review from various blogs such as, and

Although Reggie is not from New York he is heavily influenced by artist such as Jay-Z and Nas, which you can clearly hear in his song “Dreams”.  ”Dreams” starts off with a angelic beat then VaShaun jumps in with some hard hitting, tightly written rhymes that will be stuck in your head in no time.  ”Dreams” clearly proves that Reggie VaShaun has what it takes to stand out as a premier rapper in the up-and-coming crowd.  Reggie is no one hit wonder though, listen to the rest of his music here and see for yourself!  We’ll be keeping our eyes and ears on Reggie VaShaun, you should too.  Support Reggie’s career here, the HumanFankind way.


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