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Rising Artist of the Day: Chords of Truth
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Artist of the Day: Chords of Truth

Artist of the Day: Chords of Truth

Today’s Rising Artist of the Day is Chords of Truth, a brainchild of Jason Garriotte, a folk singer and songwriter who has embraced the electronic music world as well as the art of collaboration with an unrelenting spirit.  If you like unique music, you will love his sound!

Some praise for Chords of Truth:

“An acoustic powerhouse” – Technorati

“Striking some deep truths with his lyrics and music. While the music is restrained acoustic material, the lyrics are closest to the spiritual output of Tool’s Maynard James Keenan.” –

Since the release of  his album, “Reflections of Reality”, Jason decided to collaborate with various producers to see if his message would translate well in new formats. The experiment was a success, and he soon recognized that many of his new fans were from the electronic music community, and with a long history of mind-expanding ideas to their credit, the new listeners appreciated the lyrical content and intent of the project.

One song of his that shows how well his sound blends with electonic music is  ”Tune Your Mind” (Brandowitsch Electropopfolk Remix).  Press play (below) and listen for yourself to hear how Jason Garriotte is creating unique, captivating music.

Jason Garriotte (Chords of Truth) is a refreshing sound with a unique style and is bound to turn heads with his cross genre music.  We are excited to watch Chords of Truths climb of success and will be sure to keep you posted with it in the future.

My personal favorite song by Chords of Truth is “Tune The Mind” (Digital Energy Rock Remix).  Press play, it’s definitely worth it!

You can see Jason perform in 2013 as he tours doing countless shows. Reflections of Reality Remix abums are due for release March 12, 2013.

You can help Jason finalize his CD’s by visiting his Kick Starter page.


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