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Thurston Moore Comes Back on the Scene With Chelsea Light Moving
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Thurston Moore is not a fan of guns! To prove it, he and his new band, Chelsea Light Moving, promise to “detonate any birthday party, wedding or hullabaloo in any country, planet or stratosphere that doesn’t support right wing extremist NRA sucking bozo-ology.” He’s already crashed a birthday party for a random fan, and who knows where he’ll be popping up next. On March 5th, Chelsea Light Moving released their eponymous debut CD, and will soon be launching a United States tour. Named oddly but somehow not surprisingly after Philip Glass’ art moving company in New York City, CLM is characterised by a mish-mash of songs rooted in a Sonic Youth-style depressed noise fest and upbeat, punky jams that are not light on substance.

The album opens on a jumpy note, with the energetic, fun wavy drifts on Heavenmetal similar to Theresa’s Sound World from Sonic Youth’s Dirty album. The next track, Sleeping Where I Fall, is simply amazing. Music is good if it blends so well into the moment you feel completely comfortable with it and don’t dwell on switching it to the next song, so much so that it feels almost like wearing a second skin. This is that kind of music. Throughout Sleeping Where I Fall, you drift off into a sort of pleasant haze that you’re completely ok with. The following few songs off the album are angsty, dark and energetic. They sort of carry you through this marbled tunnel full of frustration, anger and quelled rage, and leave you on a note not quite perfectly polished, as is typical of Thurston Moore’s style of music.

Lip is a particularly notable song. Driven by a Ramones-esque beat, the lyrics are heavy and anarchistic in nature, revealing that age doesn’t necessarily make a person more passive and less angry. On Burroughs, a tribute to the famous writer/junkie/insane maniac William S. Burroughs, Thurston chants “Hey Billy, the sweetest drug is free.” This song was inspired by Burroughs’ final words before he passed away: “Love? What is it? The greatest natural painkiller there is.” It’s anything but romantic and slow, and has that fervent, unhinged energy that characterises Burroughs’ oeuvre.

Restless, raw, and spirited, the debut album from Chelsea Light Moving is, as Mr. Moore said, “neither a beginning nor an ending.” It’s simply the next venture for a greatly passionate and creative musician to channel his fervent, unrelenting energy.


Chelsea Light Moving-Lip

Chelsea Light Moving-Burroughs


Sleeping Where I Fall
Chelsea Light Moving-Sleeping Where I Fall


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